Pragmatic. Agile. Rapid.

Data & Artificial Intelligence Services


AI Readiness Audit, Executive Briefings, AI Innovation Workshop, AI-Driven Process Automation, and more.


Product Development, Rapid Prototype Development, Custom AI Development, Talent Augmentation, Data Insights


Data Audit, AI Strategy Alignment, Pipeline Engineering, AI Implementation, Internal Capability Building, Maintenance

Leading-Edge Solutions


Prediction Systems, Forecasting, Recommendation Engines, Text Analysis, Risk Modelling, Video Analytics, Data Extraction, and more.


AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Redis, Tensforflow, Scikit-Learn, NLTK, IIS, OpenCV, .NET, iOS, Android,
and more.


Natural Language Processing, Speech / Audio / Signal Processing, Machine Learning (Supervised / Unsupervised), Deep Learning, and more.

Our Partners

Blueshift Innovations helps their clients build their modern workforce through business technology solutions centered around strategy, user experience, and infrastructure management.
Treasure Data’s sophisticated cloud-based customer data platform empowers companies to responsibly collect and understand massive amounts of data, transform their businesses, and create new customer experiences.
Our Commitment
Create lasting business value.
Accelerate time-to-market.
Reduce risk.
Maximize learning.

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Our Testimonials

Trusted Long-term Relationships

We partnered with Gradient Ascent to build and launch the world’s first, most advanced virtual meeting system. They are passionate, competent, and hands-on. More than that, they care deeply about the work they do.

We look forward to building a trusted, long-term partnership with them.
Noam Tomczak
COO,, (Iotum)

They brought a "product" mindset to AI development: end-to-end thinking, transparency, customer empathy, and, most importantly, pragmatism.

We love that they are passionate about moving quickly and shipping early + often.
Robin Hopper
CEO, Guestlogix
Applying AI in the financial industry is a complex challenge. In Gradient Ascent, I found collaborative partners to execute complex AI-driven change. They bring expertise in AI, experience in financial services industry, and a results driven mindset. They always bring an authentic, practical, pragmatic, and customer-centric approach.
Neal Oswald
Wanilah Advisors