The Future of the Mining Industry

Gain Competitive Advantage

Forward thinking and innovative mining operators can use Artificial Intelligence to gain competitive advantage by optimizing performance, reducing costs, and mitigating risks.

For example, Gradient Ascent's AI-powered solution for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Compliance is already protecting employees in mines and nuclear plants. This and more solutions like these are the future of the industry.

  • Risk Reduction and Regulatory Compliance

  • Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Improvements

  • Productivity Improvements - from forecasting to maintenance

  • Custom Solutions

A Vision for 21st Century Mining

AI and people will work together to prevent injuries, protect the environment, and deliver results.

AI will partner with supervisors to reduce their workload to provide a more productive and safe workplace.

Our suite of solutions addresses a variety of challenges faced by a modern miner: from protecting people and assets to reducing vehicle injuries to improve drilling processes.

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