A modern AI platform and suite of products for health, safety & security.

Build Zero Injury Industrial

Greeter delivers immediate, measurable and impactful health & safety improvements in manufacturing, mining, power generation, agricultural and other industries. Keep your workers out of harm’s way.

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Automated Healthcare & COVID Compliance

Greeter is the fast, easy and compliant COVID screening solution deployed in hospitals & clinics across North America. With Greeter, hospitals and clinics free up scarce human resources to deliver frontline care.

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AI-Powered Protection For Industrial Workers

Greeter has a proven track record of improving health & safety inside operating facilities.

Greeter is a fast, easy-to-deploy solution that uses state-of-the-art AI computer vision to keep workers out of harm’s way. It’s an iOS app that automatically reminds workers when they’re not wearing PPE (try it by downloading it from the App Store here). By delivering a 50% increase in PPE compliance, Greeter is keeping workers out of harm’s way in power generation, mining and other industrial facilities.

But this is just the beginning. Just like AI can be used to create self-driving cars, it can also be used to create zero injury workplaces. Greeter can already do much more than improve PPE compliance. Our engineers and data scientists are hard at work on new health & safety innovations.

Greeter is an integral part of a holistic approach to health & safety and a new means to close the gap.
Allan Cramm
VP of Innovation — Novamera Inc.
  • Proactively prevent workplace injury
  • Increase compliance with H&S protocols
  • Foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement
  • Keep people safe and out of harm's way

Easy-To-Use Admin Panel

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Configure devices, access reports and manage users using a simple and straightforward web-based admin panel. Configure instant alerts delivered via email, SMS or automated phone calls and access support on demand.

Site-wide Monitoring & Alerts

Tablet Screen

Greeter monitors workplaces and alerts management to protocol non-compliance, dangerous working conditions and other hazards. Identify where problems exist and proactively solve them — before someone is injured.

Ensure PPE Compliance

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Research shows that people frequently don't wear PPE due to lack of training, forgetfulness, exhaustion, discomfort, or absence of a sense of urgency. Greeter alerts employees when they don’t comply with your health & safety protocols, driving a 50% decrease in PPE non-compliance.

Join A Bright Future Of Innovation

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Our team of AI engineers and data scientists is hard at work on an ambitious product roadmap which includes automated fall prevention, transport situational awareness, monitoring of material handling SOPs, and much more.

Greeter has a proven track record of improving health & safety inside operating facilities.

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Automated Entry Screening For Healthcare

Greeter is the fast, easy and compliant screening solution deployed in hospitals & clinics across North America.

Deploy friendly & fast online pre-screening that complies with regulations

Our secure, privacy-compliant and configurable screening surveys are used prior to arrival and can handle patients, visitors and staff.

Redeploy entry screening personnel with automated on-site screening.

Download the Greeter app to a tablet and place it at your entrance. Greeter detects when someone approaches and takes them through your standard screening protocol, using only their voice.

Cut Costs & Save Time

Reduce Line-Ups

Keep People Safe

Comply with Regulations

Greeter was very easy to implement and our staff didn't need any additional training to use it. One of the benefits is that it freed up our team so they were able to focus more time for direct client care. This innovation helps keep our clients, staff, volunteers, peers and trainees safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Dr. Edward Kucharski
Chief Medical Officer — Casey House
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  • Accessible, multilingual & privacy-compliant

  • Contactless, voice-based screening

  • Support for patients, staff and/or visitors

  • Deploy in hours, not weeks

  • No IT support needed for installation

  • On-site screening works without internet

  • Configurable alerts & notifications

  • Requires no human supervisions

  • Integrate with sticker & receipt printers for physical screening verification

  • Automatically detect and enforce PPE compliance

  • Audible Alarms

  • User-friendly and easy-to-use

  • Integrations with other services

  • Multi-device management

  • Analytics & reports

  • Admin dashboard

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