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How we used AI to fight pollution (Bonus: get better in-flight meals!)

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What can’t AI do? 🤖

We helped one of our clients, a VC-backed B2B travel tech company, that was looking to get started with AI and build a model to improve their valuation. We developed a software that predicted food demand on airline flights with 80% accuracy.

This enabled them to provide the exact meals their customers craved while resulting in significant savings. It led to increased revenues, reduced food wastage and fuel costs, and happier fliers. ✈️

Some challenges included: 

- Data (insufficient, low quality, unavailable e.g., # of pax)
- Constantly changing SKUs
- Adoption and feedback
- Process and change managements

They brought a "product" mindset to AI development: end-to-end thinking, transparency, customer empathy, and, most importantly, pragmatism. We love that they are passionate about moving quickly and shipping early + often.

–Robin Hopper, CEO

So, can AI get you better in-flight meals while helping the environment? Yes it can.

Want to know more? Contact us. We’re happy to sh-air! 😉

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