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How we used AI to make meetings suck less

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What can’t AI do? 🤖

Three years ago, one of our clients sought to develop an innovative solution that could automatically generate useful insights from a conference call recording.

By leveraging Natural Language Processing and Speech-to-Text, we helped one of our clients become the world's first smart video calling provider. This meant: 

- People could focus on the meeting, not the minutes
- Insights are automatically generated based on the discussion
- Transcript and summary allowed for quick "revisit" of the call

Some challenges included: 

- Lack of historical and conversational data
- Small budget
- "Noise"

All this was done with user privacy in mind as well. This new product was well loved by the customers and led to dramatic business growth for our client! 🚀

"We partnered with Gradient Ascent to build and launch the world’s first, most advanced virtual meeting system."

–Noam Tomczak, COO, Callbridge (Iotum)

So, can AI make meetings suck less? Yes it can.

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