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How we used AI to make mining safer

Thursday, February 10, 2022

What can’t AI do? 🤖 is an iOS-based health & safety solution that uses state of the art computer vision to ensure PPE compliance in critical industries. It encourages, monitors, and enforces compliance with health & safety PPE regulations. Greeter was implemented in a mining site, and led to:

- Reduction in PPE non-compliance by 50%+
- Improved workplace safety culture

Some challenges included: 

- Developing the detection model
- Accounting for a large amount of PPE variety (colours, shapes, sizes, etc.)
- Accounting for non-PPE clothing that may interfere with the detection model (i.e., scarves)

This automated monitoring software allowed employees to be more productive and develop better PPE habits. 👷

So, can AI make mining safer? Yes it can.

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