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Realize the potential of AI with our Discovery and Deep Dive engagements that educate and uncover AI opportunities within your business and industry.

 Product  Innovation

Leverage AI to improve product offerings and increase awareness and market share.
Let us develop innovative products for you and your customers that drive ROI.

PROCESS engineering

End-to-End implementation.
Utilize our experience to help you succeed in your first AI project.
Transform processes and grow productivity.

Data Strategy & readiness

Realize the value of your data. Gain superior returns on your Big Data investments by gaining insight and building AI. Data strategy is critical to AI success.

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AI Readiness Audit, Executive Briefings, AI Innovation Workshop, AI-Driven Process Automation


Prediction Systems, Forecasting, Recommendation Engines, Text Analysis, Risk Modelling, Object Detections, Video Analytics, and more.


Product Development, Rapid Prototype Development, Custom AI Development, Talent Augmentation, Data Insights


AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Redis, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, NLTK, Python, API development, OpenCV, .NET, iOS, Android, and more.


Introduction to AI, Technical Training and Workshops, AI for Product Management, Vertical Focused AI


Natural Language Processing, Speech/ Audio/Signal Processing, Machine Learning (Supervised/Unsupervised), Deep Neural Networks, and more.


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AI benefits all business. Now.

It is critical that any business understands, develops strategies, and acts on the AI movement. McKinsey & Company estimate that AI will generate between $3.5T– 5.8T ROI across 19 industries over the next 10 years. Additionally, according to their studies, the majority of AI & Deep Learning projects achieved greater returns than the existing analytics focused techniques.

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    Adobe predicts that 15% of enterprises are using AI today but 31% are expected to leverage it in the next 12 months.

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    McKinsey estimates that AI will generate an extra $2.6T in value in marketing and sales.

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    According to PWC, 59% of executives intend to use AI to extract value from their Big Data systems.

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