We take a holistic approach to developing the right solution for your business. Whether we’re helping you create the next innovative product for your customers, or focusing on streamlining your operations, it all starts with understanding.

Once we determine the best strategy, we get to work. We leverage a range of applications, from Prediction Systems to Risk Modelling, to Text Analysis, to build the AI system that your business needs. And best of all, we do it quickly. Within three months, your applied AI will be up and running.


Who do we work with?

We work with forward-thinking businesses that are looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the AI revolution. Our experience spans from those who are just discovering AI but aren’t sure where to start; to business who already have AI talent on staff. No matter where your business falls on this scale, we have the expertise to enhance your products and services, or improve the efficiency of your processes.


So, how do we do it?

Our approach is grounded in pragmatism and end-to-end execution.

We learn.

Working closely with you, we discover and assess the opportunities within your organization. And together, we develop a strategy to capitalize on these opportunities.

We get you ready.

This is where we put a plan in place. We audit, assess, and prepare the necessary data. Then we outline am execution-focused roadmap towards launch.

We build and launch.

Now we put our expertise to work to build and implement. Part of this process is knowledge-sharing and training with your team. And continued support is provided after the solution is launched.


We’re well equipped.

Once we’ve arrived at a strategy, we’ll leverage a range of capabilities, platforms and techniques to achieve your objectives.



Prediction Systems, Forecasting, Recommendation Engines, Text Analysis, Risk Modelling, Augmented Reality, Anomaly Detection, Object Identification, Speech-to-Text, Data Extraction, Content Classification, Auto-tagging


Domains & Techniques

Data and Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Speech/Audio/ Signal Processing,  Image/Video Processing, Machine Learning (Supervised/Unsupervised), Neural Networks and Deep Learning


Guiding principles

Our project delivery is driven by key guiding principles.

We always take a customer-first approach rooted in design thinking, agile development, and lean methodologies. Our focus is always on your end goal – ensuring that the solution is implemented to achieve your business objectives.

We take pride in building trust through transparency. By working as partners, we ensure open communication and sharing knowledge to educate and empower all stakeholders.

We apply a pragmatic development methodology better suited to the AI development process.

We are committed to developing AI that’s respectful of ethical, legal, and regulatory principles. We’re proud of our reputation and strive to uphold it.


Our goal is to be your trusted AI partner.


Let’s discuss how we can help your business become more efficient and more effective.