Our AI solutions span a wide variety of industries and applications. Whether you’re an innovative startup or one of the biggest banks in the world, we can help you optimize your business and develop new products with artificial intelligence.

We partnered with Gradient Ascent to build and launch the world’s first, most advanced virtual meeting system. They are passionate, competent, and hands-on. More than that, they care deeply about the work they do. We look forward to building a trusted, long-term partnership with them.
— Noam Tomczak, COO, Iotum

Some samples of our work:

A smarter meetings product for a web conferencing company

Product Innovation  /  Voice  /  Transcription / Natural Language Processing

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to take notes or minutes during a conference call?
We worked with Iotum to design, develop, and launch Callbridge Cue: a system that analyzes conference calls and provides insights. We leveraged and trained open source frameworks to develop a transcription system. We overcame key challenges in pipeline design and natural language processing by collaborating closely with the client and working in an agile, iterative manner. This is just the beginning, with a compelling roadmap ahead for what’s possible when AI is applied to online meetings.

Video recommendation for a consumer video curation service

Operational Excellence / Start-up 

The marketplace of the future depends on getting the right content in front of the right eyes, at the right time. Nothing is better equipped to do that than machine learning. We worked with a video curation service to integrate an artificially intelligent video recommendation engine into their existing platform. Our AI solution shows customers what they want to see before they know they want to see it. This ensures that our client’s content is perfectly positioned for maximum user engagement.

Contracts analysis for a large US-based financial institution

Operational Excellence / Financial Services / Regulatory Compliance / Legal / Natural Language Processing

Reviewing contracts for regulatory compliance can be a monumental task, even for a small company — imagine what it would be like at one of the world’s largest banks. As part of a team, we leveraged AI to analyze hundreds of thousands of legal contracts. Applying AI to this challenge reduced cost, accelerated timeline, and improved internal processes vis-a-vis legal document management. AI uniquely enables this type of process innovation, operational excellence, and productivity growth across every industry, every process, and every role. 

Facebook Messenger chatbot

Product Innovation / Start-up

Artificially intelligent chatbots are the customer service gurus of the modern age. Chatbots can provide 24/7 customer support with no waiting times, which eliminates much of the friction customers experience when they need answers. We’re here to eliminate any friction that implementing a chatbot might cause your business. At Gradient Ascent, we’ve helped our customers with the end-to-end design and development of chatbots that drive higher video engagement and smoother user interaction. We can help your business seamlessly integrate a chatbot into its customer service process.

Computer vision for retail and e-commerce

Product Innovation / Computer Vision / Augmented Reality

Machine learning technologies are now able to recognize and classify images as well as a person can — or better, if you take cost and efficiency into account. The possibilities for such technologies are nearly limitless. Gradient Ascent used AI to help a stealth startup reimagine the retail and e-commerce experience; artificially intelligent product recognition allowed them to streamline the customer experience and free up valuable staff time for more engaging tasks. Whether you’re in retail, security, manufacturing, or another industry entirely, computer vision is destined to have a significant impact on your processes.

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