Artificial intelligence offers distinct benefits across a spectrum of business sectors.

Our team has the expertise and experience within each sector to apply the AI solutions and approach best-suited to drive meaningful business results.


Financial Services and FinTech

A business in the financial sector can benefit in a number of ways with the implementation of AI. From enhancing your ability to advise your customers, to more efficient assessment practices, we can help improve how your business operates and enable you to deliver stronger service to your customers.


Software and Start-ups

Innovation is everything. Finding the most optimal ways to improve and develop can make the difference between success and failure. AI can help you determine the needs of your customers. It can help you determine what new feature can take your product to the next level.

The Gradient Ascent team partnered closely with our team to deliver tangible value to our customers by building new features.

They brought a "product" mindset to AI development: end-to-end thinking, transparency, customer empathy, and, most importantly, pragmatism.

We love that they are passionate about moving quickly and shipping early + often."
- Robin Hopper, CEO, Guestlogix

We build AI-powered products and features to help software businesses differentiate in the marketplace to drive greater mindshare, market share, and revenues. Investment in AI can also help attract more customers, attract hard to find talent, and additional capital.



Whether it’s improving the health and safety of an industrial facility or more accurate demand forecasting to optimize your supply chain, AI can have an enormous impact on a company’s performance. Even small improvements in employee satisfaction and productivity can pay big dividends. We can help you identifying these opportunities and create the right solutions.  

Whether your business is in manufacturing, energy, mining, oil & gas, or utilities; there is an enormous opportunity to apply AI to drive tangible ROI.


Don’t see your industry here?

We work with business in a host of industries, including legal, retail, transportation, media and more. If you’re interested in learning how AI can deliver results for your business, we want to hear from you.

AI is the next platform. All future applications, all future capabilities for all companies will be built on AI.
— Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce, 2017