Perhaps more than any other business sector, financial-based business can significantly benefit from the implementation of artificial intelligence. Nearly every aspect of the business gives you the chance to generate efficiencies and make strong, more effective decisions.


Customer acquisition and nurturing

Finding prospects and converting them into regular and satisfied customers is the basis of most businesses success. But determining which prospects are most valuable or most likely to be converted can be challenging and costly. How do we know which of our current customers are most likely to respond to additional offers? And, conversely, which of them are most likely to drop off regardless of what we offer? These are questions that applied AI can help answer. It can help you anticipate the needs of your customers through each stage of their journey.

Risk Assessment

Assessing lending risks is a key function of many financially based businesses. The variables that can be considered when assessing a potential customer are nearly limitless. Gathering the necessary data, analyzing it, and then guiding you toward the most effective decisions are all functions of applied AI. Having the ability to assess and evaluate more accurately and quicker has the potential to yield dramatically improved business results.

Streamlining Operations

Our goal is to make your operations easier. Many elements within financial-based business can be easily automated by AI. Our team can help you review the routinized tasks of your business and determine where efficiencies can be found. Not only will this help you be more adaptive and responsive, but it will allow your resources to be allocated more effectively.


Applying AI in the financial industry is a complex challenge. I work with teams that have expertise in AI, experience in financial services industry, and have a results driven mindset.


In Gradient Ascent, I found trusted collaborative partners to execute complex AI-driven change.


They always bring an authentic, practical, pragmatic, and customer-centric approach.


- Neal Oswald, Wanilah Advisors Inc., Former SVP of CIBC.


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